Graph.Direct offers experienced leadership and advisory capabilities for board and executive leaders to navigate the business impacts and wisest action across A.I., intelligent data, digital twins, emergent organisational and new economic paradigms.

Digital Twins

We can help you create, build and manage growing and aware digital models of the past, history and future – including choices and agency of your customers, assets, staff, organisational knowledge, readiness, operations, logistics, products and services. Digital Twins are big, complex and highly interdependent across systems and many forms of alerting and analysis.
We go beyond representing discrete data sets from individual systems and provide whole of enterprise or even whole of industry knowledge views. Digital Twins empower your organisation to understand the informational context of your past decisions, pressing operational decisions and your options and best choices for the future.

Swarm AI

Intelligence is an emergent effect of networks. Swarm AI is the engineering of forms of AI that scale beyond the silicon. This is an approach to AI architecture that is an ecosystem of decisional nodes. The inverse of singular powerful algorithms. Swarm AI is an extreme architecture for decentralisation and has emergent benefits for fault tolerance, adaptability and low cost edge computation.
Swarm thinking extends beyond the silicon and integrates people, human systems and human needs as part of the engineering. Applied Swarm AI can achieve things like – independent yet scalably collaborative drones, education systems without need for tests or exams, disruption resilient self optimising and self healing logistics networks, self moderating decentralised media.

Crypto and Web 3

Blockchains and Smart Contracts have even more compelling value propositions if the data behind them is intelligent. Traditional analytic approaches and even AI find it very hard to make use of Blockchain and decentralised organisations. Graphs and Hypergraphs offer amazing ways to make data across decentralised networks meaningful and useful.
We bring together experienced Blockchain engineering, Game Theory economics and Graph thinking for next generation Crypto and Web 3. We are not so much about creating coins, as about creating living ecosystems intelligently connecting people, finance, ideas, and assets with continuous change.

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